Raising smart energy leaders to deliver a zero carbon africa

About Us

The Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders (AFYEL) is an education venture initiated by The Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute in Partnership with RETTI Virtual University, government agencies, top Academic institutions and private sector companies.


The ambition of the program is to train and empower young African recent graduates and final year students of Electrical, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, Physics and solar energy, and Software Engineering with a proper understanding of renewable energy technologies, and opportunities for career advancement in the value chain in Energy.


The goal is to churn out a competent workforce for the renewable energy industry and build entrepreneurs who will advance access to clean energy to 600 Million in Africa without Access and retain young African talent in a crucial sector like renewable energy, which is of paramount importance to unlock Africa’s sustainable future. The program offers knowledge on core aspects of solar PV technologies, Wind Technologies, and bioenergy. The program also aims to create a networking platform for participants in order to maximize impact.

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