Table of Contents

WEEK 5: General Module 1: Solar PV Engineering (30th Oct. to 3rd Nov.)

WEEK 9: Module 7: Clean Energy Transitions (27th Nov. – 1st December)

WEEK 13: (15th January - 28th Jan.): Fellows have two (2) weeks to search for company to be interned with
Week 15: Friday 29th January – 29th February, 2024: Fellows to have 1month internship
Week 19: (1st to 8th Mar.): Internship Report Writing and Submission
WEEK 20: (8th to 12th March): PPT preparation of the Internship and presenting on live class.

WEEK 21: (15th to 19th March)

Students will work on CAPSTONE PROJECTS

Friday 19th March: Deadline for CAPSTONE PROJECT Submission

WEEK 22: 22nd March. to 26th March.

Committee to review submitted CAPSTONE PROJECTS, identify best 5 projects, best 5 fellows and selecting other outstanding fellows for additional rewards


Date: 29th March 2023 | Time: 11 AM